20 more ways to make good money

20 more ways to make good money

On this page, you will find all the effective methods to make money. This list was made to help everyone earn some money and motivate everyone to think of ways to generate money. This website is dedicated to sharing knowledge about making money and we will be adding more methods to make money! Some of these methods may work better or worse depending on your local area and some will depend on the big internet. Each part contains 20 ways to make money.


1. Trading cryptocurrencies

If you know what bitcoin is, then you have a general idea of what cryptocurrencies are. Most cryptocurrencies are very volatile this means that the price is unpredictable. Because of this, it’s not uncommon to see your initial investment up/down 40% in a short time. Traders who know how to take advantage of this volatility make big money. You can get better at trading by being in the market, watching how things work, talk to other people about cryptocurrencies and study the charts. There are also people who invested $10 in bitcoin in 2009 these people are now millionaires.

Altcoins are alternative coins they are bound to the price of bitcoin, so if bitcoin crashes then the altcoins crashes too. Bitcoin is safer to trade and HOLD (1. buy bitcoin 2. hold for 9months 3. profit) but with altcoins, you can make bigger profits but they are also riskier. I will explain how to start trading in steps.

  1. Create a personal bitcoin wallet
  2. create an account on a cryptocurrencies exchange
  3. buy bitcoins at a bitcoin broker and transfer them to your personal bitcoin wallet or bitcoin exchange wallet
  4. start trading

Some tips on trading:

    • Buy low sell high
    • Never buy at the top. Like when a coin reaches a new all-time high or when a coin already went up considerably, this is generally above the +10% there are always exceptions.
    • Don’t join pump and dump. 99% of them are scams. The admins of the group will dump on you. And the legit ones are not open to the public.
    • Don’t buy into a coin because someone says its good. Do your own research. important things to look out for are team members, partners, what they do and their attitude.
    • Buy the rumor sell the news. buy when barely anyone is talking about it and sell when everyone can’t shut up about it.
    • Be on the lookout for cryptocurrency news and keep yourself updated.
    • Always check the URLs of websites you use or you will get scammed.
    • Good exchanges are: Bittrex and Binance


2. Participating in Initial Coin Offerings

Initial Coin Offerings are related to cryptocurrencies, they are cryptocurrencies in the early stages. Kinda like startups, there is potential for it be become big. Investing in ICOS is a very profitable way to make money if you know the good one from the bad/scammy ones. You can easily make 200% on a good ICO when it gets listed on an exchange. For example: at the ico, you bought for $1000, 1000 tokens, $1=1 token. After the tokens get listed. The tokens are now worth $10 each this means your investment is now worth $10,000 this means your Return on Investment is 1000%, a 10x. You can make bigger profits but its also riskier. A good place to get a general idea of what an Icos is is GlobalHalo. Are you willing to risk more to make bigger profits?


3. Competetive gaming

If love you gaming and are good at it as well, you can participate in gaming tournaments to win money or prizes. You get rewarded for winning in gaming tournaments. It’s fun and a way to earn something extra. You just have to register and participate in organized matches. Online games with big communities often host these tournaments to get their game more known. Examples of big games that do this are League of Legend and Counter strike: global offensive.


4. Sell old stuff

If you have something very old they don’t make anymore then you can try to sell that. There are a lot of collectors looking to buy antique or just very old things for their collection. Things like coins, furniture, metalware, and books. So check if its worth something before you throw away your old possessions.


5. Start a blog

Making blogs is done online so as long as you have internet you can work from anywhere, which is why some people like to do it. Create a blog and get it into affiliate sales or product endorsement deals. You can also sell your website for money later on when you have a lot of visitors. Consider topics like:

  • Gaming
  • Travel
  • Cooking
  • Health
  • Technology
  • finance
  • Weather
  • Culture

Some good webhosts are  Bluehost and Hostgator.

6. Participate in medical studies

If you are healthy then you participate in a study and help researchers. To do this you need to be 18 years or older. But sometimes researchers may need children but this isn’t too often. You need to be healthy with no history of major diseases or medical problems. You may be tested before to ensure you are susceptible to special treatment. Pregnant women are not allowed to participate. Women need to pass tests to prove they are not pregnant. Your pay will be determined by the number of tests you had to go through. The long-term tests may pay better.


7. Go to the beach

Beaches are often brimming with people during the summer. People frequently forget or leave all kinds of stuff on the beach. If you go to the beach at the end of the midday/evening you will find a lot of stuff. You can scavenge the beach for good stuff like watches, food, clothes, money and more! You will be surprised what you can find on a popular beach when most of the people are gone. You can also collect the glass/plastic bottles and aluminum cans left behind and make some money. Maybe you will find sometimes very valuable you never know what you find. You will also be doing the beach and nature a big favor and enjoying the beach. Just don’t let the sea take all the treasures.


8. Sell things you don’t need

Selling the things you don’t use or need is a great way to get rid of excess things and earn some money with it. Things people often have too much of or need anymore are Clothes that don’t fit (anymore), Physical copies of games, Old phones, computer/computer components, and plants.


9. Become a street performer

If you like to dance, play music or sing you can become a street performer. You get money from people in public. If you are good enough, can earn good money and maybe get a  job doing what you like. And maybe even get famous and known. Check the rules of the local area before you perform. Its good idea to perform in busy areas, that way your performance will reach more people and you can earn more.


10. Invest in stocks

Investing in stocks is safer than trading cryptocurrencies but profits are not as high. The benefits of investing in stocks are that stock shares are much more stable and the companies behind them are already established in the world.


11. Get a part-time job

This is the most obvious way to make some extra money. Just find a part-time job at a restaurant or computer store or a cleaning firm. If you are really good at what you do you can even ask for a raise. Maybe even make your part-time job your full-time job.


12. Play cards

If you are good at card games like poker, you can try to earn some money from playing cards. If consistently win you can earn some good money. Just make sure you don’t get addicted to it. You can also play games like this online although that’s a bit riskier than doing it in the physical world. You can even participate in serious card games and if you are confident in your skills.


13. Design website

If you how to code you can make money by designing websites for people and companies. The designing website often takes a  lot of time and you often don’t get too many contracts but the ones you get, pay very well. Useful things to learn that help you make/design websites are HTML, CS, and Javascript.


14. Deliver newspapers

Earn extra money by delivering newspapers/magazines to you local neighbourhood. You can apply for such work on the internet or ask your local newspaper. You usually have to get up in the morning to deliver the morning newspaper. You can deliver the papers using a bike (the fastest way) or a cart to store your paper.


15. Write books

If you have the writing skills, you can write a book and earn royalties with it. If you can publish your book on your own you will be able to earn even more. You can also use the internet to write/publish your book on websites to make it more accessible. Royalties are a percentage you earn from the books when they are sold.


16. Use Bing

Some search machine will pay you for using their search machine! Simply find out which search machine do this and start using their search machine to earn. Bing is known for doing this using their Bing Rewards system.


17. Invest in index funds

Investing in index funds lets you invest money in a lot of different stocks. This minimalizes the risk of losing money. However you probably won’t gain as much money as you would if you invested in one individual stock. Some known index funds are Robinhood and S&P 500.


18. Get paid for watching TV

There are some websites that pay you to have the rights to track what you watch. They do this to keep track of consumer habits and learn from it. You have to take surveys to get paid. Afterwards, they sell the information to research firms.


19. Get paid for browsing the web

Similar to Watching tv, you can also get paid to surf the web. You will first have to register on sites like Swagbucks that want to be able to track what you browse. They will let you install an add-on that will keep track of what you browse and when you have enough points, you can get choose to get paid in Paypal or gift cards.


20. Loan your money

If you have a starting capital you can start loaning out your money to people. I would recommend loaning out to people you trust. You loan your money for a time and when the person that took the loan pays you back, you earn money I would recommend starting with a small rate like fixed 3% a month. For example, you loaned out $1000 at a fixed rate of 5% a month, after 5 months that is 5×5%=25%, 25% of 1000 is 250 so you earned $250.


Thank you for reading and come again!

I hope this has helped you in making money!

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