20 effective ways to make money fast

20 effective ways to make money fast

On this page, you will find all the effective methods to make money. This list was made to help everyone earn some money and motivate everyone to think of ways to generate money. This website is dedicated to sharing knowledge about making money and we will be adding more methods to make money! Some of these methods may work better or worse depending on your local area and some will depend on the big internet. Each part contains 20 ways to make money.


1. Build computers

If you have ever looked inside a computer, you will know that a computer is made up of multiple components. Stores sell prebuild computers at a much higher price than they pay for the individual components and make a hefty profit.That is because most people don’t know much about computers and would rather pay a higher price and avoid the trouble of learning how to build a computer than figuring out how to build one themselves. If you are good with computers you can just buy the components and build the computer yourself. Then sell it at a lower price than the stores do and still make a large profit. The internet is a good place to sell your computers. I recommend using eBay and Newegg.


2. Online surveys

If you have a lot of spare time you can try to out filling out paid online surveys. Many survey companies will let you first do a verification survey to see if you are eligible for specific surveys. You will have to remember what you filled in the screener survey and previous surveys because many companies will check and compare the data. So if a survey asks your age and you fill in 20 but in another survey, you said you were 30 then the system is going to block your account. This only happens if you filled in not matching data many times so I advise you to fill in the surveys as truthfully as possible. Some surveys will take 5 minutes and some may take up to 50 minutes, but the longer surveys often pay more. Most companies pay in Paypal, gift card and sometimes products. I would advise you to make a special email for survey accounts, they can sometimes send a lot of emails. I recommend Global Test Market, Swagbucks and Survey Junkie. Also, don’t expect to become a millionaire doing this.


3. Advertise with your car

Companies will pay you to place their advertisement on your car. They pay you while you use your car to drive around like you always did, but now you also advertise them using your car. This helps to pay for your car or earn some extra money. Easiest to do when you use your car a lot or if you live/park your car in a busy place. Not many people do this because they don’t know about this or they don’t drive enough to make it worth it or they don’t like how it looks on their car. The advertisements you can get depends on what country you live in or your local area.


4. Donate sperm/egg cells

Okay, this method may seem weird and it probably is but you can earn money by donating your sperm or egg cells for women. Sperm banks pay good money for healthy sperm. Some sperm banks want you to meet a few requirements  though like:

  • Tall
  • Athletic or not fat
  • No genetic disease
  • Good education

To donate your egg cell you need to find a hospital. Same as a sperm donor you need to meet a few criteria. They usually pay more for an egg cell because egg cells are rarer than sperm.


5. Donate blood

To donate your blood and be compensated you first need to let identify yourself. After that, they will make sure your blood is safe for use and if there is enough hemoglobin in it. If you passed they will then make an appointment. When you come to donate the blood they will insert a needle into one of your veins and drain the blood. Depending on how much blood you gave and the type of blood, you will then be paid. You can’t donate blood too soon after your previous appointment this is to prevent you don’t lose too much blood. Eat healthy to recover faster.


6. Rent your house/room(s)

Renting your house can be pretty convenient for when you are not home for a long time. You earn money while someone else is living in your home and watching over it. Just make the person you are renting your house is trustworthy and not a thief. For this reason, it’s best to rent your house to someone you already know like family or friends, it reduces the chance of things being stolen. Renting a room in your house is the same as renting your house but on a smaller scale. This way you can earn some extra money that helps to pay for your house and you will also have some company. This can help to make your house more lively and pleasant. And maybe you will make some friends as well! A good place to do this is on Airbnb.com.


7. Stream games

For some people, a dream come true. Doing your favorite hobby and making money doing it. To become a streamer you need to be very good at your game or be entertaining. You can also stream without speaking but people generally want to hear someone talk to determine if they like the person or not. Adding a face can help as well. To stream, you first need to register an account on a streaming website like TwitchTV, add the required information then just start playing and talking, interact with your audience and promote your stream. This way you will slowly build up your audience and the more people watch, the more you earn. Make some social media accounts and be active on them this will help to make you more known. Make a schedule and keep to it, this will make you more consistent and people will know when to come to your stream. You make money by receiving Twitch subscriptions or donations and if you are big enough you can receive sponsorships from companies.


8. Affiliate marketing

If you are big on social media and have a significant amount of followers you can promote companies on your social media. Companies give you a special affiliate link and when people click on the link you earn money, sometimes its a percentage of how much the person or the customer spends on their order. You can get your followers to spread your affiliate link even further, increasing your revenue. Just make sure you don’t do it too often or your followers will find it annoying. If you run a social media page on a niche topic make sure the product/service is related to what your topic is about.


9. Make youtube videos

Making videos then posting them on youtube is another good way to make money. You can make videos about whatever you like, but making videos about a popular topic will make it easier to attract viewers and subscribers. Some good ideas are games, reviews, lifestyle, health, facts, news, and tutorials. You make money by having viewers that watch your video also watch your advertisements that you put in the video. You can also promote your affiliate link in the videos. Interacting with your viewers also helps with building an audience. Sharing your videos on other social media will also boost your viewer rate. If one of your videos somehow goes viral on youtube then you can make big money if you have placed advertisements on it. It will also boost your channel popularity.


10. Sell queen ants

Catching and selling queen ants is another good way to make money. The things you need are small tubes, wadding and some knowledge about ants. In most countries, queen ants fly out to start a new colony when it’s starting to become warm again, that is for most countries in spring. You need to find a place with ants then look for flying ants. Queen ants are bigger than your average worker ants And have wings (they fall off after they found a place to settle). You can recognize them by their size and wings. If you want to expand your operation you can let the queen ants you own make more queen ants (this requires a lot of knowledge to pull off correctly) When you have captured some Queen ants and some worker ants to take care of the queens, you can sell them to people on either the internet or in your local area. I would recommend using sites like antscanada.com to find and meet your buyers. If you are going to send them to your buyer make sure you leave some honey or water-solution in the tube so they don’t starve. And restrain the tubes so they don’t move around too much. Queen ants usually go for $10-$25, prices may differ per country.


11. Rent your car

If you have a car you start renting out your car and make money. Most people rent their car out using a car renting website to find their customers. Make sure you first read the car renting company’s terms and agreements. Choose one that also provides some insurance, that will prevent a lot of headaches later. Convenient if you know you won’t be using your car for a while like on weekends or when you go on a vacation. If you combine this with placing an advertisement on your car you will make a nice amount of money.


12. Sell your schoolbooks

Did you ever think that schoolbooks are overpriced? Well, you are not alone! many students are looking to buy second-hand schoolbooks and save some money. If you still have your schoolbooks and they are in an acceptable state then you can try to sell you schoolbooks to other students. And if there are no students that want to buy your books then there many companies that offer to buy your used books instead. Some companies are willing to pay 50% of the original price of the book.


13. Drive for uber

Driving for uber is another good use of your car. Driving for uber is easy and fun. You will be driving people around that require a ride and make money off it too! You can start this by doing this in your spare time and when you want, you can go drive full-time for uber. At uber, you will be deciding your own working hours and this is for many people a huge plus since this makes it seem less of a job and more something you do as a hobby.


14. Sell recyclable goods

We throw away a lot of trash every day. Sometimes our thrash contains things like glass or aluminum or paper. These materials can be recycled so there are companies that want to buy this. Instead of throwing away these recyclable goods you can try to hold onto them till you have a big pile of them then sell them to these companies. The prices they pay are decided by the weight of the thrash. You can also go to homes and ask for undesirable glass bottles or paper magazines and aluminum cans.


15. Do tasks for the neighborhood

You can do tasks for the people in your neighborhood and earn money, not to mention you will get to know people. Old people often need help with something and you can help them. You will be helping the neighborhood a great deal and building your reputation. It’s also a good way to learn how things work and become proficient in them.


16. Scavenge in old and abandoned building

Often times, when a building gets abandoned there, is still something to be gained from it. Copper and aluminum are pretty expensive and buildings often contain copper wires and metal pipes. If there is still some wood left in there that is not rotten you can also sell/use that. And who knows what kind of treasures you will find in a long forgotten building. I recommend going there with a friend in case something happens or you found something big.


17. Become a babysitter

If you are good with kids then this is the ideal job for you! In today’s society parents are so busy working they can barely take care of their child(ren). If you have some free time you can then take care of these children while their parents are away. You get to do lots of fun things with the kids and earn some extra money. You can babysit for friends, family or strangers. This last one requires some trust but that is understandable. If there is no one you know that requires a babysitter then you can use the internet to find someone who does. The parent(s) will give you some instructions and money for your service and you take care of their kids.


18. Do reviews of products

Some websites will pay you to make a good and honest review of their product which in itself is awesome. If you are a known reviewer you can even get the products for free! To do this you first need to have the product then use it for some then write your review.


19. Sell your food

If you love cooking and are good at it you can start earning money by selling your food. Everyone loves food there is denying that. You can start making food then go around your neighborhood and sell them your delicious food. Going to a busy place and setting up a small stall should also boost your sales. And make sure people don’t get sick by eating your food, keep it hygienic. If you get popular you can even start your selling food online and after that open up a restaurant.


20. Sell your art

If you are the artistic kind you can try to earn cash by making and selling your artworks like painting or drawing or sculptures. Selling your artworks is one of the best ways to fuel your hobby or make an extra bag of money. If you can somehow think of an interesting biography of your artworks and explain it then you can become viral or at least known for your interesting mind. Making art that brings up emotions in people will surely sell well. Portraits of people are particularly popular.


Thank you for reading and come again!

I hope this has helped you in making money!


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